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MCS Т6 /6000 Btu/h
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Артикул: 9108782885

Цена: 185 000 рублей

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Cooling and heating mode

For 230 volt AC

Perfect climate from a single pack

Compact, space-saving A/C unit

Efficient seawater cooling system

Dometic MCS Т6  2.12

Dometic MCS Т6
Complete climate system with 6000 Btu/h cooling capacity for 230-volt operation
Cooling capacity: 6000 Btu/h / 1758 watts
Heating capacity: 1750 watts
Consumption (cooling/heating mode): 621 watts / 851 watts
Input voltage: 230 volts AC (220 - 240 volts) / 50 Hz
Current consumption (cooling/heating mode): 2.2 A / 3.37 A
Necessary circuit protection: min. 6 A, max. 10 A, delay fuse
Starting current: 18,7 A max.
Number of blower speeds: 6 / automatic
Temperature range (preset): +18 °C to +30 °C
Thermostat temperature control: yes
Refrigerant: R 410A
Dimensions (WxHxD): A/C unit: 448 x 282 x 272 mm
Electronic control: 165 x 222 x 67 mm
Weight: 19,3 kg
Quality features: Complete set including seawater components, air duct and installation fittings, space-saving self-contained air conditioner, high-quality, corrosion-resistant materialis
Test mark: CE
Supplied with: A/C unit, electrical box and control panel, seawater pump, seawater strainer, air ducts, supply air and return air grilles, seawater hose, through-hull fittings, fixing material, fittings, valves
Item designation: Dometic MCS Т6
Ref. No.: 9600000549
При модернизации могут быть внесены изменения в конструкцию, комплектацию и технические характеристики.
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