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Waeco CombiPower 2012
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Артикул: 9102600104

Цена: 120 000 рублей

Срок поставки 2 недели

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Sine wave inverter and automatic charger in one

For perfect mobile energy management

Pure sine wave voltage for sensitive appliances

UPS function (Uninterrupted power supply)

Convenient remote control

Waeco CombiPower 2012

Sine wave inverter with integrated automatic charger, 12 volts/2000 watts. Boosts the external mains powers supply with energy from the battery.

Power sharing
Charging current regulation allowing for the preset current limiter and the effective 230-volt power consumption.

Power Support Function (PSF)
Supports a limited mains hook-up using the inverter. Should - e.g. when starting the air conditioner - more energy be required than the individually adjustable mains input fuse permits, it is obtained from the battery.

UPS function - Uninterrupted power supply
If the external energy source fails, the inverter supplies the appliances which are connected to the power support output. The devices connected to the power sharing output switch off. The operating time of the inverter can be limited to prevent unintentional discharge of the battery.

Dimensions (WxHxD): 490 x 145 x 285 mm
Weight: approx. 14.0 kg
Test mark: CE, e-certified (Automotive EMC Directive)
Type of protection: equivalent to IP 21
Technical data: Sine wave inverter
Input voltage: 12 volts DC (10 - 16 volts)
Output voltage/shape: 2 30 volts AC / pure sine wave ~
Output frequency: 50/60 Hz
Continuous output: 2000 watts
Peak output (3 s): 3000 watts
Transfer output: 230 volts/50 A
Transfer time: < 10 ms
Technical data: Automatic battery charger
Charging characteristics: IU0U 6-step
Input voltage range: 207 - 253 volts AC
Frequency range: 47-63 Hz
Adjustable charging current: 30 - 100 A
End-of-charging voltage: 14.4 - 14.7 volts DC
Float charging voltage: 13.6 volts DC
Second charging output (starter battery): 5 A
Cooling: Speed variable fan
Technical data: Remote control
Equipment: 2-line display, function LED displays, program menu buttons
Dimensions (WxHxD): 92 x 30.5 x 92 mm
Cable length: 7.5 m
Item designation: CombiPower 2012, 2000 watts, 12 volts
Ref. No.: 9102600104
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