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Battery management

Battery management – always full charge!


NEWThe intelligent battery sensorIt doesn‘t miss a thing: the intelligent battery sensor, which comes with the MPC 01, measures the effective current and voltage of the batteries connected. It uses these to calculate the capacities and charge status. When the battery is discharged or faulty, it triggers a warning and the command to disconnect the battery from the load circuit. It also helps WAECO PerfectCharge battery chargers unfold their full potential. The battery sensor adapts the charging voltage to the respective battery characteristics, giving a particularly fast and optimal charge.



Dometic MPC 01

Intelligent battery management system
with display and a battery sensor

  • Input voltage: 8 – 16 volts
  • Current consumption: 150 mA in display mode, 10 mA in standby mode
  • CIS bus interface
  • Two additional battery sensors (accessory) can be connected
  • Display dimensions (W x H x D):
    142 x 117 x 16 mm (with turning knob)
    142 x 117 x 6 mm (without turning knob)
Dometic MPC 01 Battery management system
Dometic MPC 01 Battery management system



Information and operating panel
The pleasingly self-explanatory display of the MPC 01 ensures all information on the status of up to four batteries can be called up any time. The various menus can be displayed by turning the rotary pushbutton. The menu displayed can be accessed at the touch of the button, allowing parameters to be changed.


Start display: Enter the menus by turning the button The current battery data: voltage, current, remaining operating time, capacity Information on the battery charger connected: Mains connection, charge current of 20 A Display of the status of all batteries connected
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