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Зарядные устройства

WAECO PerfectCharge battery chargers – significantly shorter charging times!

Faster full-capacity charging times – faster installation – favourable price:

The new PerfectCharge IU0U chargers from WAECO offer a complete line-up of compelling features. They’re suitable for all lead-acid batteries and deliver especially gentle and – thanks to a 6-stage charging characteristic – especially fast charging times. A standard Bus interface also turns the chargers into genuine “networkers” that can be integrated perfectly into existing Bus systems as needed.

The WAECO PerfectCharge IU0U chargers have an input voltage range of 110 – 230 volts (90 – 260 volts) and are available in performance variants ranging from 15 A to 80 A.

  • 6-stage charging characteristic for fast, gentle battery charging
  • Two or three charging ports for simultaneously charging multiple batteries.
  • Remote control and temperature sensor as accessories


Two bus interfaces as series standard
This makes the new PerfectCharge battery chargers optimally prepared for all current, and future, innovations the caravan industry has in store. Their bus compatibility makes connecting a battery sensor or integrating them into a management system particularly easy.



DIP switches
Four dip switches allow the optimum charging characteristics for the battery type connected (gel, AGM or wet battery) to be configured. Switchover and float voltage can be set in accordance with the battery manufacturer's specifications.



Digital interface
Interface for connecting an external functional control or an external switch, which can be used to switch the charger into sleep mode, for example.



Very easy installation!

The installation of the WAECO PerfectCharge devices is easy done. And they fit even in limited spaces. See for yourself!


Perfect Charge IU 812- IUOU автоматическое зарядное устройство.

Недорогое зарядное устройство предназначенное для быстрой зарядки 12 - вольтовых автомобильных и тяговых аккумуляторов с мощностью питания до 100 Ач. Характеристики зарядного устройства обеспечивают оптимальное снабжение энергией аккумуляторных батарей. Компактное, легкое, безопасное и надежное, это зарядное устройство идеально подходит для использования в грузовых автомобилях, фургонах, специальной технике или городском транспорте.


WAECO PerfectCharge MCA 1215

IU0U automatic charger, 15 A / 12 volts,

1 + 1 charging outputs


WAECO PerfectCharge MCA 1225

IU0U automatic charger, 25 A / 12 volts,

2 + 1 charging outputs



WAECO PerfectCharge MCA 1235

IU0U automatic charger, 35 A / 12 volts,

2 + 1 charging outputs


WAECO PerfectCharge MCA 1250

IU0U automatic charger, 50 A / 12 volts,

3 charging outputs


WAECO PerfectCharge MCA 1280

IU0U automatic charger, 80 A / 12 volts,

3 charging outputs


WAECO PerfectCharge MCA 2415

IU0U automatic charger, 12,5 A / 24 volts,

2 charging outputs


WAECO PerfectCharge MCA 2425

IU0U automatic charger, 25 A / 24 volts,

3 charging outputs


WAECO PerfectCharge MCA 2440

IU0U automatic charger, 40 A / 24 volts,

3 charging outputs

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