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Video function for pre-installed multimedia systems

Video function for pre-installed multimedia systems – simply upgrade!

With the new control box and the right adapter you can connect two cameras to a pre-installed multimedia display (e.g Scania or MAN) The cameras can be activated automatically or manually (e.g. the reversing camera via reverse gear). You can manually switch between the two views via the external switch.

WAECO PerfectView Switch 200VTO

Switchbox with 2 camera inputs for OEM monitors

  • Two camera inputs/video and audio output (Cinch/RCA)
  • Reverse gear trigger input/video trigger output
  • External switch for manual switchover between the cameras
  • Adjustable switch time between video signal and trigger output
  • Trailer detection


PerfectView truck adapters connecting the reversing camera

The following cameras are supported in combination with the switchbox WAECO PerfectView Switch 200VTO (Ref. No. 9102200156):
CAM 11* / CAM 12* / CAM 16* / CAM 29* / CAM 30 / CAM 40 / CAM 44 / CAM 50 / CAM 60 / CAM 80

* in combination with ADAPT3 (Ref. No. 9102200046)


Adapter for original SCANIA multimedia system


Truck adapter RVSC1

  • For original SCANIA multimedia system




Truck adapter RVSC2

  • For original SCANIA monitor
  • Connection to third-party monitors, e.g. Orlaco



Truck adapter RVVO1

  • For Volvo multimedia system



Truck adapter RVMAN1

  • For IVECO IVEconnect
  • For MAN Topline2/MMT multimedia system
  • For SCANIA Premium Radio



Truck adapter RVMB1

  • For Mercedes-Benz J2D multimedia system without J9J video preparation



Truck adapter RVMB2

  • For Mercedes-Benz J2D multimedia system with J9J video preparation





WAECO PerfectView Switch 300

 For running up to three independently controlled cameras from one monitor camera input


  • Cameras either automatically or manually activated (e.g. reversing camera on reverse, side cameras on indicators)
  • Power consumption: 0.84 watts max. (without cameras)
  • Suitable for 12- and 24-volt vehicle electrics


WAECO PerfectView Accessories

Cable adapters

  • The two WAECO cable systems up to 2009 (black or grey) were replaced by a new uniform cable system from 2010.
  • Adapters for adapting installed cables when existing components are replaced by new ones – eliminate the need to re-lay cables

Additional adapters available on request


WAECO CRT cable up to 2009

ADAPT1 camera adapter, new socket/old plug
ADAPT6 monitor adapter, new plug/old socket


ADAPT1 camera adapter
ADAPT1 camera adapter,
(6-pin DIN, black cable)

ADAPT6 monitor adapter
ADAPT6 monitor adapter,
(6-pin DIN, black cable)




WAECO LCD cable up to 2009

ADAPT2 camera adapter, new socket/old plug
ADAPT3 monitor adapter, new plug/old socket

ADAPT2 camera adapter,
(6-pin DIN, grey cable)

ADAPT3 monitor adapter
ADAPT3 monitor adapter,
(6-pin DIN, grey cable)


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