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Generators – compact power packs

230 volts AC for air conditioners and more

Plenty of power: with a continuous output of 3.5 kilowatts the BLUTEC 40D will easily supply two selfcontained air conditioners. Quartz precision technology delivers a pure sine wave voltage of exactly 230 V AC / 50 Hz – ideal for sensitive electronic appliances. Useful extra function: the generator can also be used for charging the starter battery.

Dometic BLUTEC 40D

3.5-kW diesel generator for 230 volts alternating current.

BLUTEC 40D is one of the most compact water-cooled diesel generators on the marine market, so you will easily find a place for it on board. Enclosed in an insulated stainless steel housing, the robust unit stands up to the rigours of the sea and keeps noise levels down to an absolute minimum. All functions are easy to manage by remote control. The illuminated display keeps you informed about all important operating parameters.

  • 3.5 kW continuous output (e.g. for two high-capacity air conditioners with 15000 Btu/h / 4400 watts each)
  • Pure sine wave voltage – suitable for sensitive electrical appliances
  • Additional output for charging the starter battery
  • Low weight, small foot-print
  • Robust design in stainless steel housing
  • Low noise level (54 dB)
  • Comfortable remote control
  • Illuminated digital display visualises all important operating parameters
  • High operating safety with integrated alarm functions


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